Consultation with a Gastroenterologist

An initial consultation with one of our expert gastroenterologists is generally the first step in assessing each patient’s symptoms and medical history. Your doctor will determine which investigations are required. Follow-up consultations may be required to discuss your treatment plan. Prior to your appointment, you are required to obtain a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation.

Consultation with a Psychologist​

An initial consultation is the first step in assessing and understanding your health issues. We will explore the ways in which this is impacting your life, as well as the factors that may be contributing to your physical, mental, or emotional distress or discomfort. It is also an introduction to the way in which psychological therapy may assist you and an opportunity for you to ask questions and explore your treatment options. Gut-directed hypnotherapy for functional gut conditions generally requires a total of six sessions according to evidence-based protocols. A Mental Health Treatment Plan, as assessed by your general practitioner, may entitle you to a Medicare rebate for Clinical Psychology services.

Consultation with a Dietitian

Initial consultations with our dietitian involve an assessment of your diet and medical history, test results, medications and supplements, suspected food triggers or complaints and meal pattern. All of this is then considered against the latest research to determine which dietary approach will result in the best outcome for you. Follow-up appointments involve the dietitian checking on your progress, ability to follow the diet, challenges and benefits from the approach. Further review appointments may be required depending on your individual condition and progress.